Sexual Harassment Claims!

Over the past month or so, you have probably seen a few emails or had conversations with me pertaining about Employment Practices Liability.  Well with all the accusations surrounding the Political and Entertainment industry, one has to ask:  How do I protect my company from potential claims surrounding Sexual Harassment and Discrimination. 

The simple answer is unless you have Employment Practices Liability Insurance, chances are your General Liability policy excludes employee related issues. 

I am strongly advising all my clients at this time to explore adding Employment  Practices  Liability to their commercial insurance program.  If you currently have this important coverage, review your limits and make sure they are adequate. 

Sometimes the biggest expense with these claims to the business is the expense to defend your company.  Remember this, over the past 20 years, the amount of employee related claims/suits has increased over 400%.  Don't be caught without this very important coverage.  Call today for a free consultation of your commercial insurance program and we can make sure you have the proper coverage you need. Call 336-765-9332 today!


Patrick Turlington, CIC