Classic Car Coverage

Do you have an older vehicle that you don't drive much but is it top-notch condition? Did you know that your personal auto policy is designed to give you only the actual cash value of that vehicle at the time of a loss. If you think that your vehicle is worth more, you should consider a classic car policy. Under a classic car policy, you can insure that vehicle for it's appraised value, better coverage, and usually with a lower premium. Call The Phoenix Company today and ask us about classic car coverage.

Protect Your College Student's Possessions by Laura Lewis with Cincinnati Insurance Company


Protect your college student’s possessions


Consult your agent for advice on covering items your student takes to college.

Do you have a young adult heading off to college? College can be a fun time for the student but a stressful one for the parent. Reduce some of the stress by planning ahead to make sure your college student has appropriate insurance protection while away at school.


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