5 Things You Didn't Know Home Insurance Could Cover

Provided by Safeco Insurance, Erin Eudy, Riskguard Insurance Solutions, Inc., 02/15/16,

An Independent Agent Explains: Why Some Home Coverages May Surprise You
This post is part of a series of insurance blogs on showcasing the expertise of independent insurance agents and aimed at helping you understand important insurance coverages and issues.

Personal umbrella policy: Your liability safety net

Provided by The Cincinnati Insurance Companies, Bill Taylor, 07/02/2013,

When accidents happen, lawsuits may follow. You can protect your financial assets and future earnings by purchasing a personal umbrella liability policy.

A personal umbrella policy works with your existing insurance to add the extra layer of protection that you may need. After all, you don’t have to be a millionaire to be sued for $1 million.



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