Merry Christmas!

The Christmas season is upon us which means there will be gift-giving and receiving. Jewelry is a very popular gift this time of year.  Did you you know that the standard homeowners policy has a limitation of $1,500 for theft of jewelry? So when those $3,000 earrings are stolen, you will not have enough coverage to replace them. If you have over $1,500 worth of jewelry, you can either keep it off premises, like in a safe deposit box, or you can talk with your agent about adding a Personal Articles Floater, either attached to your homeowners policy or a separate policy.

Do you have an umbrella to protect your assets?

We live in a very litigious society now days and it’s raining law suits. You may have home and auto insurance and those are your primary policies but what if it’s not enough. If you are sued, your assets such as your home, investments, retirement fund, college fund, etc. may be in jeopardy. A personal umbrella policy covers over your primary policies to help protect those assets in the event of a lawsuit. Ask your agent about a personal umbrella policy today.


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