My broker is invaluable, a trusted resource, and a pillar of support.

Our broker Neil Gargis at the Phoenix Company has been an invaluable and trusted resource and pillar of support. Over the years he has made sure we are aware of industry standards, advised as to how to get the most out of insurance, and he has intimate knowledge as to insurance requirements of lenders. He has provided guidance with regards to all the do's and don'ts, what insurers are looking for when underwriting, and who has the best insurance products for our needs. He goes the distance to get the best rates and coverages, and is always honest and up front. He follows local market trends, and is familiar with all the players in various related industries in the area. I also like that when I come down to North Carolina to visit the properties and touch base with service providers, I am always welcomed by the staff and recognized by name when I come to the office.
- Your Canadian friend, Diane.

Diane Holleman, Upside Holdings, LLLP